Leitalpin, together with its partners, is currently working on the development of HULK, a fully electric self-driving skyline crane, the first of its kind. To operate reliably and efficiently in the harshest terrains, we put together the latest and very best technology, without compromises. Leitalpin has registered three patents covering key innovations of the carriage. 


The first prototype of the self-driving skyline crane is undergoing extensive testing since the end of 2020. We are currently working on the second prototype, which is expected to be ready within a few months. We will then focus on testing and certifying the product to prepare for market entry in the second half of 2022. We will supply the first set of machines to a small group of pilot customers, who will be able to source the product under very attractive conditions. We are still open for requests of those who want to be among the first to work with our disruptive technology. You can find our contact information under the CONTACT tab.


Have a look at our first prototype and its key characteristics below!